Taiso Daruma

Martial Arts Workout

Stretch • Flex • Strengthen • Breathe

Taiso Daruma Twist

Taiso Daruma, the fitness system of Traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate, is an ancient traditional regimen designed to balance the mind, body and spirit, and give long lasting health. Experience a gentle yet rigorous practice that links stretching and flexing with postures, body conditioning and mindful breathing techniques. This powerfully nurturing experience results in profound feelings of confidence and relaxation. The goal is to harmonize a strong resilient body with an agile mind and soaring spirit.

Taiso Daruma works the body from the toes to the top of the head. The stretches, flexes, poses, dynamic movements and breathing exercises relax and strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. As we age our connective tissues need extra attention. Keeping them supple is a key to physical health.

The strengthening component of Taiso Daruma are two dynamic breathing practices, Sanchin and Tensho. These practices are done very slowly using isometric body movements coordinated with specific breathing techniques to help develop internal energy.

Our Karate is rooted in Taiso Daruma. Therefore, as a special bonus self-defense techniques are hidden within the practice and explained during each class.

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• Stretching

• Flexing

• Strengthening

• Breathing

• Dynamic Movements

• Mindfulness Training

• Body Conditioning

Loosens and Strengthens

• Muscles

• Tendons

• Ligaments

• Joints

Includes Internal Power Building

• Powerfully Nurturing Experience

• Promotes Confidence and Health

Taiso Daruma - Full Workout

This 45 minute Taiso Daruma Martial Arts Workout is provided for those who are OWD Gold and Platinum Members.

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