Free Taiso Daruma Class

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This Free fifteen-minute Taiso Daruma class is perfect for any Martial Arts style, sport, dance, fitness or physical activity.
Come back often to get a quick energy boost.

Look around our OWD website. If you like what you see, pick a plan and join One World Dojo where everyone’s home becomes their personal Dojo and work out with people from all over the Globe.

We are indeed a One World Dojo.

The OWD Gold and Platinum Member Class Includes:

Hour Long Workout
Twice As Many Exercises
More Repetitions
Detailed Instruction
Individualized Corrections
Multiple Classes A Week
Sanchin Kata
Tensho Kata
Q & A

Free Taiso Daruma Class

This free 15 minute Taiso Daruma Martial Arts Workout is provided for those who are experiencing financial hardship during the Pandemic.

Thank you
very much!


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