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Grand Master Chojun Miyagi

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Grand Master and founder of GoJu-Ryu Karate, Chojun Miyagi, along with the Shuri-Te Master Shoshin Nagamine of Okinawa designed Gekisai Kata One to become a universally practiced Kata by all Okinawan Karate systems. After Miyagi’s death in 1953, Master Seikichi Toguchi continued the development of this form to create a complete Kata system that teaches basic and advanced techniques of GoJu-Ryu, the Fukyu Training Kata.

These Fukyu Training Kata give the student a well-rounded education in Karate techniques and Kata performance. Each Kata builds upon the previous Kata’s techniques and prepares the student for the more complicated Koryu Classic Kata.

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Basic Form One

Basic Form One follows a simple N-E-S-W pattern containing head blocks, chest blocks, down blocks, punches, a back fist, a sweep chop, a double hand block and double hand punch. Sanchin stance, Long stance and Horse stance are the halmark of this kata.

This is a simple kata to learn and is the basis for all following Fukyu Training Katas.

Basic Form Two

Basic Form Two Is identical to Basic Form One however there are additional punches and blocks at the beginning of the kata, and a double sweep chop covering both sides of the body. In addition, the double block and punch at the end is repeated on both sides of the body. The finishing techniques are done on the diaganol adding two additional cardinal points NE-NW to this Kata’s pattern.

Gekisai One

Gekisai Kata One is the original Kata that Master Miyagi and Master Shoshin Nagamine created to unify the Naha-te and Shuri-te schools on Okinawa in the 1930’s.

This Kata adds a front kick and elbow strike to Basic Kata One. Gekisai Kata One is practiced in Dojos all over the world and is considered a classic Okinawan beginners Kata.

Gekisai Two

In Gekisai Kata Two, Master Miyagi introduced several pure GoJu-Ryu techniques. Closed hand blocks change to open hands including simple non-turning open hand chest blocks. The ending of the kata was also changed to pure GoJu-Ryu incorporating cat stance and double hand circular blocks done in a simple three step pattern to ease the student into the technique used in the next Kata.

Whereas Gekisai Kata One contained both Naha-te and Shuri-te techniques, Gekisai Kata Two is the gateway to the core of pure GoJu-Ryu Karate.

Gekisai Three

Prior to Master Miyagi’s death, Master Toguchi learned his teaching concepts for expanding the Gekisai Katas and GoJu-Ryu Karate. Master Toguchi created Gekisai Kata Three following these guidlines.

In Gekisai Kata Three Toguchi added back in the three chest punches and down blocks from Basic Form Two, however, he opened the hands on the blocks. He also added in an open hand wrist head block in horse stance. He smoothed out the ending circular blocks into the Kata ending we see in most GoJu-Ryu Kata.

Gekiha One

Toguchi created Gekiha Kata One to include more advanced GoJu-Ryu techniques and concepts. He changed the non-turning open hand chest blocks to turning open hand blocks. Twisting blocks are incorporated to teach body shifting and voiding.

In Gekiha Kata One undercuts are introduced. The smooth circular blocks at the end of Gekisai Kata Three evolve into fierce powerful open back hand blocks springing out of cat stance into devastating double hand punches.

Gekiha Two

As this series of Kata progresses, elements of the Koryu Classic Kata are introduced.

Gekiha Kata Two adds a few sequences from Seisan Kata. Down side kicks and hammer hand strikes are added. Gekiha Kata Two is a fast and powerful Kata. By this time in a student’s studies basic stances, blocks, punches, kicks and body shifting shoud be well developed. The student is prepared to study advanced techniques and concepts of GoJu-Ryu.

Kakuha One

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Kakuha Two

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Hakutsuru No Mai

Dance of the White Crane •

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