Why One World Dojo?

"Act in accordance with time and change"

Yin Yang earth

What do you call the place where advanced Martial Artists from all over the world gather to train, trade ideas on the art and spend quality time together?

One World Dojo

Many of us want to continue training and are left on our own to train at home since the Pandemic. We felt the void home training caused so began offering training using Zoom video conferencing. In One Word Dojo we focus primarily on the Taiso Daruma fitness practice, Traditional Okinawan GoJu-Ryu Karate solo Kata. People from different styles of Karate join us from all over the world. Each person’s home transforms into a dojo or gym where they work out with others strengthening the body, mind, and spirit.

Where are our participants home Dojos located?
New York, California, Canada, Trinidad, UK, South Korea, South Africa, India, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, Germany, Australia, Spain, New Zealand. We’ve had backyards, campsites, forests and a doctor in his hospital’s Nuclear Stress Lab complete with a Gamma Camera!

While born out of Pandemic social isolation, many have found out how easy and productive home training can be. People training together from the comfort of home.

We indeed are a One World Dojo.

Hospital Dojo
Dr. Elias Bonaros, MD - OWD Health Advisor


"The mind is one with the universe"


Wake up and open your mind to unlimited power, excitation and meditation, clear critical thinking and decision making, improved memory and cognitive processing. Learn to control your mind and take control of your life.

One World Dojo’s curriculum is extensive. Taiso Daruma fitness practice has over one hundred exercises. There are twenty Goju-Ryu Karate solo Kata with associated Bunkai, and ten Kiso Kumite. That is a lot of material to remember to help sharpen the mind. As you practice your ability to understand advanced techniques will improve. Marina’s Musical High-nrg Fitness Workout is a fun-filled motivating experience. And to calm your mind, Marina’s Audio Meditations will help you find that peaceful place within.

Often in class as we practice movements repeatedly, we are put under tremendous pressure. The mind is the first to be affected by the strain. We lose our concentration. We forget the next move.

Regular and consistant practice will help improve memory and clear thinking.


"The way of inhaling and exhaling is hard and soft"

Body shot

One World Dojo is dedicated to teaching the best Taiso Daruma fitness system and Traditional Okinawan GoJu-Ryu Karate classes available today. We believe that lineage is extremely important in the Martial Arts. The exercises and fighting techniques we practice have been handed down through generations unchanged. What worked hundreds of years ago through battle testing are still valid today. Our ancestors lived or died by their techniques and we have the best of the best passed down through a clean lineage of teacher to student.

Our Karate lineage is: Kanryo Higashionna, Chojun Miyagi, Seiko Higa, Seikichi Toguchi, Akira Kawakami, Shinpo Matayoshi, Shorei-Kan USA, and Chi-I-Do Chairman Chief Instructor Kow Loon Ong.

We train the body to be flexible yet hard as steel with the ability to power up and power down instantly. Posture, fast and exacting movements, fine hand and body articulations, solid stances and quick transitions, proper blocks, punches, kicks, and coordinated breathing, are all hallmarks of our system. The detail of our movements rival and surpass most other Dojo. One class often opens the eyes of experienced Karateka what they have been missing for years in their art.

As we practice movements repeatedly, the second to be affected by the strain is our body. We lose our physical control of our legs causing our stances to collapse and our arms to flail missing their mark.

Regular and consistant practice will help improve our control of the body.


"The eyes must watch all four directions. The ears listen in all eight directions."

Sitting Chakra Pose

The last to be affected by the strain of repeated practice is the loss of spirit. When we cannot remember the next technique and we lose control of our bodies we become discouraged, destroying our spirit. This is the goal when dealing with an opponent, to destroy their spirit allowing us to prevail.

Regular and consistant practice will help improve our ability to manifest an indomitable spirit.

While our physical fighting art is second to none, the spiritual aspect is where One World Dojo differs. We follow the philosophy that the floor patterns, hand and body postures and Kiai of the Koryu Classic Kata, actually elevate your character and raise your spirit ultimately resulting in a state of fearless compassion and enlightenment.

Manifesting our vital energies from specific postures actually affects how we think and feel, and changes us as a person. Emotions are interwoven throughout our practice helping our students navigate the difficult roads of life. The feelings we generate make our techniques stronger and more effective in self-defense. We don’t just attack the body. We attack the opponent’s mind and annihilate their spirit.

All of these ingredients separate One World Dojo from other Dojo. Being masters of remote Taiso Daruma, Karate, and Fitness instruction is our mission.


"The spiritual bedrock of the Martial Arts."


1. Courtesy: Respect all people and respect yourself.

2. Loyalty: Be loyal to the organization, the Sensei or instructors, classmates, family and friends;

3. Kindness: Refrain from making negative statements about anyone and always strive for what is good and correct, working toward harmony among people and always keep in mind others’ well being;

4. Courage: Never surrender to the enemy. Correct what you know is wrong and succeed in one’s goals or intentions. Utilize your skill to help and defend the defenseless, our family, friends and our honor;

5. Justice: One needs to know that we are all equal, to understand that we all have weakness. Never be arrogant and always be humble. Refrain from giving unnecessary displays of one’s abilities;

6. Discipline: Refrain from violence. Always exercise self-control and always finish what is started;

7. Strength: Be strong always! Develop an indomitable spirit and will to be like steel, for this is the way of the Martial Arts;

8. Honor: Refrain from doing wrong which can shame our Dojo and oneself, for we represent the heritage of correctness, which those before us have preserved. To be honorable, one must be honorable to others;

9. Truth: Be true to yourself and others, for deceit and lies breed negativity and darkness in one’s mind, body and spirit.


These Virtues are not just for the Dojo floor. We carry them with us throughout our lives. We follow them in dealings with our families, friends, co-workers, clients and even strangers.

They are like signposts along the path, pointing in the correct way to behave. Too often these Virtues are not taught and students’ lives suffer an imbalance. Karate is not just about fighting. It is also about living a healthy and balanced life.

Grand Buddha

Thank you
very much!


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