Top Rated Remote Learning OWD Dojos

One World Dojo

Sunday • Tuesday • Thursday

One World Dojo Zoom Class teaches Traditonal Okinawan GoJu-Ryu as taught by the Chi-i-Do International Organization including Tai-Sho Dharuma, Sanchin and Tensho class. Also GoJu’s Gekisai, Gekiha, and Kakuha series training, and Traditional Koryu Kata classes. Tai-Sho Dharuma will help you become better in whatever Martial Art system you study.

Musical Health Workout


MARINA’s Musical Health Workout is a unique fitness class based on fitness, fun and being fabulous. MARINA, a Grammy nominated fitness recording artist, pioneered Aerobics in the 1980’s. She has written, recorded and produced hundreds of songs for the fitness industry and developed High-nrg Fitness, a ground breaking approach to working out.

Tiger Strong NYC Isshinryu

Monday • Wednesday • Saturday

Tiger Strong’s proprietary program offers children and adults skills everyone can use, regardless of age or gender throughout every aspect of life. From Karate for kids and adults, and Pro Self-Defense to Ballet, Yoga and Pro-Health Adult Stretch & Flex classes, Tiger Strong NYC covers all the bases concerning your health and fitness, in mind, body and spirit.

NY Edge Middle School

Tuesday • Thursday

NY Edge runs After-School programs for NYC Public Schools in under-served communities. Currently, their Martial Arts Program is serving the Academy of College Preparatory & Career Exploration Middle School in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Since the schools are closed in the City, they have transitioned to Online Learning. Our Martial Arts Program has followed.



Sparkidz is a social/recreational program held all day Saturday at the Trevor School on East 95th Street in Manhattan for children with special needs and children of all abilities. Ages range from 6 through 25 years of age. Sparkidz over 16 years old can apply to be staff assistants, helping the teachers, and receive a stipend each Saturday.


A Book by Roy Kenneth Kamen

KARATE: BENEATH THE SURFACE explores a deeper purpose of the connective definition of the words “mind, body and spirit” and may leave you with the question of why the martial arts are referred to as an “art form” in the first place. The concept is life changing for the Karateka with an open mind and who is open to the endless possibilities  that Kata holds.

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